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Mary Unapologetic is a podcast about motherhood, business, and relationships. I am a mother of awesome kids and juggling with their schedules, and mine can be chaotic and rewarding at the same time. Life is hard! Let’s simplify it together–follow me and let’s tackle the tough stuff together. I like to open the communication to Empower, Inspire and Motivate each other!

This is a podcast about

Family, Business, and current events.

"Life is Hard!" In life, we have to deal with a never-ending obstacle, so simplify it like a math problem.




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Current Events

Current Events

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44:  Hot Topics!  Part -1of 2,  Insurance talk, LLC vs Sole Proprietorship and much More.

Hot Topics-this is part 1 of 2 episodes.  Meaningful discussions from car insurance to business structure such as LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship.  Tune in and listen. Part 2 will be released in December.

43:  As a burn survivor, Maria Kallenbach learned a lot about herself.

You learn a lot about yourself when you come across a hardship in life.  Therefore, I decided to follow up with Maria Kallenbach, a burn survivor, for about two years.  I'm sure a lot has changed since I had her the first time on my podcast.  We had lots of laughs and emotional moments that we all need once in a while.

42:  Self-Improvement,..Do we need it?  Of course, we do!

In life, we need to self-evaluate ourselves now and then to make sure we're still going on the right path of where we need to go.  Doing self-improvement will improve your quality of life.  Once you go through this process, you will see things differently that can improve how you deal with your family, business, career, and happiness.

41:  You‘re not Alone, the Struggle is Real between business and life!

Yes, you're not alone; the struggle is real when juggling business and life.  Therefore, I wanted to open the conversation and invited Jack Bucknell to explore this topic more in-depth.  Jack is a perfect candidate for this topic because he's a bachelor juggling with his business and dating.

I learned to deal with my vulnerability that led to my courage

We don't remember days,
We make memories
Life feels complete once you find your purpose
Open your eyes, and look within

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