44:  Hot Topics!  Part -1of 2,  Insurance talk, LLC vs Sole Proprietorship and much More.

Hot Topics-this is part 1 of 2 episodes.  Meaningful discussions from car insurance to business structure such as LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship.  Tune in and listen. Part 2 will be released in December.

43:  As a burn survivor, Maria Kallenbach learned a lot about herself.

You learn a lot about yourself when you come across a hardship in life.  Therefore, I decided to follow up with Maria Kallenbach, a burn survivor, for about two years.  I'm sure a lot has changed since I had her the first time on my podcast.  We had lots of laughs and emotional moments that we all need once in a while.

42:  Self-Improvement,..Do we need it?  Of course, we do!

In life, we need to self-evaluate ourselves now and then to make sure we're still going on the right path of where we need to go.  Doing self-improvement will improve your quality of life.  Once you go through this process, you will see things differently that can improve how you deal with your family, business, career, and happiness.

41:  You‘re not Alone, the Struggle is Real between business and life!

Yes, you're not alone; the struggle is real when juggling business and life.  Therefore, I wanted to open the conversation and invited Jack Bucknell to explore this topic more in-depth.  Jack is a perfect candidate for this topic because he's a bachelor juggling with his business and dating.

40:  8 Tips to Healthy and Effective Ways of Disciplining Kids

This episode is dedicated to one of my followers that asked me about disciplining kids.   As parents, it's our job to teach our kids to behave.  It's not easy to discipline your kid(s), but you're setting yourself for success if you know the right and healthy strategy.

39:  Hot Topic:  MTE-Las Vegas!

For some people going to another Mobile Tech Expo is just like another convention for folks in our industry!  But for the newbies in the PDR industry, it meant everything.   They soaked everything from good information on Education days to meeting vendors to find out what the new tools are out there.  Come and find out what the newbies are saying about the show.  

38:  Contract Lawyer, why do you need one!

Hiring a contract lawyer should be a business essential for your company.  But when do you need one?  Also, why do you need one?  Come and find out in this episode as I highlighted six good reasons you need a contract lawyer in your team.  

37: Business Tax Deductions!  What are They?

There are so many tax write-offs for your business.  It's up to us to be informed and to ask the CPA the right questions.  This episode only covered some of the most common business tax deductions that you can apply for your small business.  I am not a Certified Public Accountant, but I've been working closely with my CPA for the past 20 years regarding write-offs for our PDR business.  Always consult with your CPA regarding your tax return or any tax-related issues.

36: Garage Keeper vs Garage liability Insurance, what do I need to know?

Making business decisions is never fun, especially if it involves money!  Therefore, it's important to do thorough research if you think of getting insurance for your business.  I went through the process a few years back and shared some of it with Frances Hughes when it was time for her to get the business insurance.  Come and find out some things to know when deciding between garage keeper insurance or garage liability insurance.

35: Shop or No Shop for a Dent Repair Business

A Paintless Dent Removal company can be mobile does it makes sense to have a shop?  For some PDR companies, this is the question that they have to decide on at some point.  Come and find out what one company did in regards to this shop dilemma. 

34:  Mobile Tech Expo in Las Vegas 2021 is almost here!
The Las Vegas-Mobile Tech Expo two years ago was a great success!  So I can't wait for this year's MTE in Las Vegas again!  Southpoint Hotel is the perfect place and venue to bring the PDR Industry together for some Fun, Education, Networking, and of course, tools..tools..tools.  Come and find out what Kevin and I talked about regarding this upcoming event.
33:  Working with My Sons Have Perks!

Dent Solution is a family-owned business in Napa, CA.  I invited Ian Cordle to follow up on what it is like to work with his two sons. We talked about family relationships, business, tools, and the PDR industry.  There were no off-limit on this episode. 

32:  Corporate America's Business Culture

Corporate America is a mainstream name, they are usually high profile corporations that are behind much of the United States economy.  What makes these corporations successful in business is usually their corporate culture also known as the company culture.  Let's explore the big corporations' business culture in this awesome episode. 

31:  Hot Topic- Skydiving, is it scary??

Everyone has a fear of...something. Fear comes from the unknown. For me, I was never afraid of trying something new, especially if it will open my eyes to something bigger and better.  And for some, skydiving is fearful so they asked me if it's scary?  Well, come and find out the details of my skydiving experienced?

30: (Part 2)  Why Customer Service is Key to Business Growth

Tune in to the 2nd part of "Why Customer Service is Important when it comes to business growth".  Find out what is Proactive customer service and why Excellent customer service is a competitive advantage.

29:  Why Customer Service is Key To Business Growth

When it comes to business growth, we as business owners only probably think about new leads or new customer acquisition.  When in reality, we should be thinking about customer retention because it is way cheaper than customer acquisition.  There is research out there to support this claim.

28:  How to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation

New digital platforms have unleashed journalistic practices that enable novel forms of communication and greater global reach than any point in history.  But the downfall of this breakthrough is the disinformation and misinformation are accelerating and affecting the way we interpret daily developments.  Fake news and Propaganda have become prevalent and are a cancer in our society.

27:  Hot Topics- 14 Traits of a Great Leader and Teaching kids with Stocks Investing

What defines a great leader? Leaders who are exceptionally good at what they do usually have certain character traits they all have in common. Characteristics of a good leader such as honesty, good communication skill, excellent problem-solver are just a few of what we should look for in a person, especially if the leader is in the highest position. We can teach the younger generations about leadership and investing wisely in this day in age.

26:  (Part 2) Navigating your business through a crisis such as Covid-19

Navigating your business through a crisis such as the pandemic will take making a change to adapt and thrive in an unprecedented time we are in.  This episode highlighted about adjusting your marketing strategies, ad campaigns, and managing finances in order to thrive.  

25: Navigating your business through a crisis such as Covid-19 (Part 1)

Navigating your business through a crisis such as the pandemic will take making a change to adapt and thrive in an unprecedented time we are in.  Businesses will have to quickly adapt their sales strategy, work environment, and business finances to pull through this crisis.  Part 1 of this episode fills with inspirational and business talk.

24:  Leap of Faith in Business

Take that leap of faith that you have always thought of in business. It will not be easy, but if you have a plan, it will give you the confidence you need to start your own business. Let's listen to Derek Kestler's road to owning his own company. Also, a short conversation of the pros and cons of social media.

23:  Manage Your Work-Life Balance as a Parent and Entrepreneur

Finding a Work-Life balance is not an easy task, and to be productive or to be a fully functioning person requires a lot of discipline.  We all want to be productive, and to do this is to function at your daily schedule that is full capacity to reach your full potential.




22:  Business Originality

Originality is essential for effective leadership. It is a stepping stone for innovation, efficiency, growth, and, most importantly, business success. To set you apart from your competition, you have to be creative to have a business edge.

21: Career Mom, Can She Have It All!  (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Career Mom, Can She Have it All!  Folks, this is great!  This episode is long, so I split it into two parts.  Part 2 explores this topic in detail and thoroughly because it is an important conversation for women.  

20: Career Mom, Can She Have It All!

It's not crazy to say that it's hard to balance a happy, fulfilled, personal life with a respected professional life.  Is it possible for women to rise to the highest levels of their careers and still have sufficient time with their families?  This question will be different for every woman. This is why we need to redefine "having it All"! This is a two-episode series, come and listen to this important topic that every woman should listen to.   

19: Empowering Kids (Motivational)

Are you an empowering parent(s)?  We all want our kids to be successful in life as well as to be resilient and to be making good choices or decisions. By empowering children, their confidence will grow, and they will have high self-esteem.  Having self-esteem and security of themselves, children usually make good choices in life.

18: Open Topic: Family-teenagers, social media & business (PDR30)

Raising kids is hard and teenagers are a whole different breed.  Having open communication with teenagers and having them involved in a conversation will improve and strengthen the family relationship.  In this episode, we covered social media, teenagers, and a  little about business.

17: NoCo Auto Reconditioning is a one stop shop!

Michelle and Cole Fox know how to create convenience for their customers by offering a one-stop body shop. NoCo Auto Reconditioning in Greeley provides a variety of services such as Paintless Dent Removal, paint repair, and auto detail, this is to name a few. But the company's awesomeness does not stop there; they are efficient at what they do because of their highly organized, teamwork driven culture within the company.


16:  Our PDR students' success is our success!

Many of our students have successfully applied what they've learned from our PDR training program and became successful at taking dents out, varying from small to big dents.  Most of them started their own companies as well. Nelson Garcia is no exception. He continued to grow as a PDR tech and able to take out big and complicated dents. He also has funny stories to share that you think will only happen in a movie.

15: Empowered Women, Empower Women

I'm a firm believer in empowering people!  These past few days, women posted black and white selfies of them on social media, and putting the "#challengeaccepted" hashtag. It was a campaign for women to support each other. Therefore, it just makes sense that this episode should be about women empowerment!  Come and listen to these two awesome women talked about their businesses, families, and how they balanced both.  Irena and Stevie are both hard-working moms that I call "Supermoms."

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